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How to: Application of Busy Beauties Signature Styling Cream for Best Results

We have gotten some questions on how to apply our Busy Beauties Signature Styling Cream for best results, so we used our own little Busy Beauties to demonstrate.  Check out our latest YouTube video!

Some tips: 

1. Apply to damp or wet hair.

2. Make sure you spread the styling cream across your hands by rubbing them together really well so you don't put too much in one spot.

3. The amount you will need will vary depending on your hair.  Thinner, shorter hair may only need a pea-sized amount, while super thick, longer hair may need 10x that much!  It may take a couple tries to get the best results for YOU!!

4. Comb through after application to ensure more even application.

5. You do not have to immediately dry your hair but make sure it is completely dry before using any straightening or curling irons to protect your hair.

6. Do make sure it is completely dry before you head out into the humidity for best results.

Please email us with any questions.  We want you to love the products as much as we do and we’re confident we can get you there!


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