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2018 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

Looking for the perfect gift for the Busy Beauties in your life?  

2018 Busy Beauties Gift Guide For Her

Here are our favorite gifts for the different women in our lives who we LOVE to pamper.



Busy Beauties Signature Skin Kit

Busy Beauties Signature Skin Kit gives mom everything she needs for beautiful, youthful skin.  It includes our Gentle Exfoliating Hydrating Cleanser with natural jojoba beads that help clear the skin of dead cells, a Daily Moisturizing Cream to soothe and hydrate, our Rejuvenating Mint Mask for toning, clarifying, and tightening, Retinol Night Cream to help fight signs of aging, and Daily Protection 30 for a daily dose of skin aging prevention.  This kit has it all and your mom will LOVE it.  Ours sure does!  You can get it here.



Busy Beauties Anti Aging Kit

This one is a tie.  Our older sister loves the Anti-Aging Kit... she wants to look younger than all her friends (She really looks amazing!).  It includes the Gentle Exfoliating Hydrating Cleanser, Daily Moisturizing Cream, and Retinol Night Cream with all the benefits we listed for Mom.  Get it here.


Busy Beauties Signature Hair Kit

For our sister who is constantly on the go, we love the Signature Hair Kit.  It includes the Signature Shampoo and Conditioner plus the Signature Styling Cream to give her frizz-free, soft, shiny, beautiful hair that will last days... from the office to the ballpark to date night... even in our Gulf Coast humidity!  She was hooked immediately.  You can get it here.



Busy Beauties Rejuvenating Mint Mask

Our favorite gift for our kids' teachers is the Rejuvenating Mint Mask - hands down.  Teachers definitely need some pampering (see the younger sister above!) but you have a budget.  Maybe you have multiple teachers.  This is a gift they all will love.  The catch with this one?  This one is not always available for individual purchase - only a few times a year!  Look for it here.


Girlfriends (the platonic kind)

Busy Beauties Signature Styling Cream

Signature Styling Cream.  All girls want beautiful hair and you can give it to them!  It will give them beautiful style that lasts through whatever life throws at them!  This stuff is like liquid gold -all our girlfriends are hooked!  Get it here.


Your One & Only 

Busy Beauties Home Spa Kit

Every woman loves a little pampering no matter what stage of life she's in! Many women are so busy they rarely have time to treat themselves to a "spa day." So, bring a spa day to her with our Home Spa Kit.  It includes our Gentle Exfoliating Hydrating Cleanser, Daily Moisturizing Cream, and Rejuvenating Mint Mask to give her the spa experience at home.  Get it here.

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