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How To: Using Busy Beauties Signature Styling Cream

In this video, Monica and Katie demonstrate how they use the Signature Styling Cream. 

This product is the reason we started the company.  We wanted a way to tame our crazy, frizzy hair and make it last, so we could take back our time!  This is straight from the lab and we just couldn't wait to share why we love it so much.  

Check out our YouTube page for Days 2-4 after using the cream!  

5 Steps for best results

Step 1: 

Cleanse and condition - Use Busy Beauties Signature Shampoo and Conditioner and gently towel dry.  Do not vigorously dry hair with a towel to minimize damage.

Step 2: 

Apply product - Section hair and apply Busy Beauties Signature Styling Cream to each section, then comb through for an even application.  The amount you use will depend on the texture and length of hair, so adjust as needed.  Repeat with each section until fully applied.

Step 3:

Dry - Blow dry with your instrument of choice.  *You may air dry but the product will need to be heat activated at some point for the full effect.  

Step 4:

Style - If you use a classic blow dryer or air dry, you will need to heat activate with a styling tool such as a straightener or curling iron for the style to set.

Step 5: 

Go about your business for up to 5 days!  Touch up with your styling tool of choice as needed, but you should not have to completely style your hair every day.  If you do, you may need to adjust the amount of product you use to find what works best for you.  Avoid moisture to make your style last.  Use a shower cap in the shower in between washings.  If you tend to get greasy hair quickly, you might need to use a dry shampoo around day 3-4 to prolong the style.  We plan on adding one to our collection, so stay tuned!

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