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Why did we add a hand cream to the Busy Beauties product line? Katie's Story

Dr. Katie Brading had the idea to turn a super moisturizing face cream into an incredible hand cream.

We were working on a formula for a new extra-moisturizing face cream in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to develop a night face mask with ingredients to help nourish and improve skin hydration, soothe irritated sensitive skin, and stimulate collagen production to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.  The day I got the samples, I took one of them with me to work at the hospital to try out before bed.  My hands had been cracking from washing my hands even more than usual (which is already a lot in Labor and Delivery.) That sample was the only moisturizer I had, so I used the face cream on my hands, and it felt amazing!  It was so luxurious and soothing to my skin, moisturizing without feeling greasy afterwards.  I immediately took the bottle out to the nurse’s station to share with my L&D team and they loved it too!  It wasn’t strongly scented (a no-no in patient care), and was such a relief to our over-washed hands.  I reached out to my sisters, and we decided to keep it as a hand cream instead of the face cream we had planned.

We are so excited about this product because your hands get as much love as your face! The ingredients you would find in high end face cream - for your hands! 

New Product: Luxury Hand Cream

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