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About Us

3 sisters - Busy Beauties Founders Monica, Julie, Katie


The Story Behind Busy Beauties

It all started in 2017 with 3 crazy sisters (2 by birth, one by marriage) who all lead very different but very busy lives.  Our story starts with Julie.

Julie is a chemical engineer turned corporate executive with hair that couldn't be tamed, especially in humidity. She went to the best salons, used multiple top-of-the-line products and spent hours on her style but could never get her hair to look good for long. Drowning in all that life had to throw at her, she eventually gave up on beauty, and in turn, her confidence began to waver. After asking her sisters for help, they realized they were all going through something similar. Between working in or out of the home, managing the kids (9 in total), the house, and everything else in life, beauty easily was the first thing to go for all 3 of us.  We were always on-the-go, living their lives with their hair in ponytails and buns. We also realized we were not alone; so many women let themselves go with children and jobs and no time for beauty, so we decided to start a company to help women regain confidence and look their best every day with minimal effort. 

We found that with great hair, our confidence soared. We wanted gorgeous hair that could go from the boardroom to the ballpark to the ballroom and last for days. We started researching the best ingredients to achieve the results we so desperately desired and we developed an all-in-one product to deliver superior frizz-fighting style that lasts (especially in humidity), shine, and heat protection that is also good for your hair. After solving that problem, we decided to take on problem skin and created kits for a smooth, radiant complexion to work with us as we age.

We are committed to creating the best products to make everyday beauty easy and accessible for all women and to help us ALL FEEL MORE CONFIDENT!  We designed our kits to take the thought out of beauty, and create easy skin routines and products that make your hair look beautiful for days with minimal work.  We spent over a year on developing and testing these products to make sure we only offer products we believe in.

After 4 years of running the business, we wanted to ramp up our marketing and turned to social media for suggestions. Our friends connected us to Kimberly Kapacziewski. Kimberly brought eleven years of social media experience to our company.  After working with Kimberly for a few months, we felt that she was a good fit and wanted to get her more involved with the company.  January 2022, we invited her to become a part owner.

Kim Kapacziewski

Kimberly is a military spouse and mom of two boys.  Her husband, Joe, is the first amputee that returned to the front lines of combat with the Ranger Regiment. He continues to serve his country by fighting on the front lines against terrorism. 

We are excited to grow our team and see where we can take Busy Beauties in 2022!

Learn more about each of us on our Instagram Account @3.crazy.sisters!